" A Tradition of Quality" defines the manufacture of brass instruments, from Trumpets to Tubas, at Kanstul.

Much of Kanstul's manufacturing relies on highly traditional means, from spinning bells to final assembly by hand, but the company has eagerly embraced new technology wherever possible. Computer-controlled turning centers, representing a multi-million dollar investment, are used to fabricate small parts like valve caps, water keys, and ferrules, and a cutting-edge water treatment system enables the Kanstul plating operation to comply with California's stringent environmental regulations. "I don't think they'll ever be able to automate the assembly process," states Zig, "but these computer-controlled machines are great for producing parts to consistently tight tolerances."

Zig Kanstul's lifelong career in the brass business has included management posts at Olds, King, and Conn. Foster Reynolds, the manager of the Olds plant, who had pioneered large-scale manufacturing techniques for brasswinds, and Elden Benge, whose Chicago Benge trumpet largely defined the modern-day professional trumpet, were early mentors. Based on this heritage, since 1981, Kanstul has created first line professional instruments at his Anahiem California facility.