Marcinkiewicz instruments are made for brass musicians seeking the finest equipment available. Superior intonation, response, and flexibility are characteristics that separate Marcinkiewicz instruments from any other and are the result of combining state of the art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) technology with old world craftsmanship.

Modern CNC machining equipment allows Marcinkiewicz to create the most precise valves and pistons possible. They continue the old-world tradition of making one piece bells from flat brass. This time consuming process, from hand forming the material into a three dimensional shape to the final spinning, is how they produce a responsive bell without compromise.

The Marcinkiewicz state of the art facility in Canby, Oregon allows them to make all instrument parts in house. Also incorporating an in-house plating facility, they can maintain the highest standards from start to finish.

“From the first moment you play one of my instruments, you will know you have found something very special. There are no shortcuts to quality.”

Joe Marcinkiewicz

In pursuit of the goal of the best quality and designs, Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. has also acquired four US patents.