S. E. Shires Co. was founded in 1995 for the sole purpose of building custom trombones of unparalleled professional quality. Now recognized as a leader in brass instrument design, innovation and manufacture, they maintain their commitment to every player who chooses Shires to build an instrument that not only feels and sounds exactly the way they want, but is mechanically perfect, built to last for many years and beautiful to look at as well.

The S. E. Shires Company's new line of trumpets is built entirely in it's Massachusetts factory. The trumpet designs are based on careful study of many current and historical models, as well as many years of experience customizing instruments for professional players. S. E. Shires trumpets combine the easy playability, faultless intonation, and consistent response over the range of the instrument of the most modern trumpet designs, with a complexity of sound surpassing that of some of the most prized vintage instruments.The S.E. Shires company slogan, Quality without compromise, is more than simply a marketing tool. Attention attention to detail, both mechanical and aesthetic, is unsurpassed by any other brass instrument maker. Their commitment to the highest standards of modern manufacturing make Shires instruments consistent and mechanically superior. Old-world craftsmanship gives their instruments the distinctively resonant voice appreciated by players all over the globe.